What to see in the big city?

What does Budapest have to offer?

We have some recommendations, we can show you around and tell you which ones are the best activities and where you can find the most exciting sightseeing spots.

Come along and check out the beautiful Budapest with Luna Tours on two wheels, on electric scooters, far from the public transport’s crowd.

But before we start our tour, let’s see the advantages we can list next to the e-scooters and e-bikes, a tour like this in Budapest cannot be a bad idea.

  • No driver’s license needed – of course, you have to be careful, but you do not need the license for the rental of electric scooters
  • No need to walk around the city for hours pointlessly – we will help you to find the right spots and give you some inspiration where to go on e-roller
  • You choose your own pace – go fast or as slow as you like – noone is going to bother you or tell you to hurry up. You do you, figure out your own pace.
  • See more sights in a shorter amount of time – no need to wait for the rest of the tourist group. You only have to wait for your buddies or your family. Way more exciting than a sightseeing bus – unique, fresh and free
  • Our e-scooters cause no harm in the environment – being sustainable is cool!
  • Makes it easier to enter small streets – you can explore the hidden gems of the city, even the small ones.

Where to start the tour then?

Go to Buda!

Explore the Buda side with us: Ride along the colorful, little medieval streets of Buda, enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the castle hill. We will show you the best spots for taking stunning pictures, and give you insider tips where to eat, drink and shop for unique souvenirs. Buda has more than 1000 years of history, and there are many hidden gems to explore and countless exciting stories to tell.

Book our one hour tour, which departs from Március 15 tér and enjoy this amazing city on two wheels, on e-scooters and e-bikes in Budapest.

Some of the place we will visit during our tour:

Matthias Church

1014 Budapest, Szentháromság tér

This jewel in the crown of Buda Castle was built in the 13th century, and after being reconstructed several times it has been restored to its former beauty. The roof is decorated with Zsolnay tiles, and its interior with frescoes by Károly Lotz.

Buda Castle

1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2.

The home of Hungarian kings from the 13th century on, after being reconstructed several times, it is today one of Budapest’s most important centres of tourism and culture. Start your exploration of the city here!

Fisherman’s Bastion

1014 Budapest, Szentháromság tér

An iconic, Romanesque Revival building on Castle Hill, its name refers to the fact that the part of the original, mediaeval castle wall that once stood here was under the protection of the Guild of Fishermen. It offers a historical atmosphere and stunning views over the city, so get your camera out!

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Rent an e-scooter in Budapest for 1-3 hours to discover the city at your own pace!

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Join our sightseeing e-scooter tours to cruise around the city and discover its treasures!