Liberty Statue Budapest Luna tours

Liberty Statue

The Liberty Statue or Freedom Statue (Hungarian: Szabadság Szobor) is a “many-faced symbol” of the Hungarian culture. Originally, it was unveiled as a memorial tothe for the “Soviet liberation” of 1945. Today, it has became the symbol of the heroes of Hungarian independence and it’s also part of the panorama. The beautiful lady with the palm leaf in her hands stands upon Gellért Hill, making it a prominent feature of Budapest’s cityscape. Fun – or more like sad – fact that the young modell didn’t get any money for posing for the statue, and it’s also uncertain whether she was invited to its inauguration or not. But one thing is for sure: she have become part of the Hungarian history as the face of our Liberty Statue. You may admire the Liberty Statue at anytime of the day. Join our Buda Castle tour and/or the Budapest Sunset & Night tour to discover the Liberty Statue and its neighbourhood by e-scooter!

Fishermans's Bastion Budapest Luna tours

Fisherman’s Bastion

The beautiful castle-like structure on top of the cca. 70 metres tall Castle Dill that can be seen from the Pest side of the city as well is the Fisherman’s Bastion (Halászbástya in Hungarian). The Castle District is famous for having baroque and neo-classical houses, churches and public buildings. Getting up to the top of the hill is easy: Just ride uphill with one our Luna e-scooters. The Castle District has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987. (Tip: The Fishermen’s Bastion is open and free to visit all day throughout autumn and winter. In spring and summer, tickets need to be purchased for certain times of the day.)

Gellért Hill Budapest Luna tours

Gellért Hill

If you are looking for the most stunning panorama of Budapest, Gellért Hill is your place! With its 235 meter height it’s one of the highest points in the whole city. This beautiful green mountain is a true highlight of Buda, and the Citadel on the top makes it even more perfect. Climbing the Gellért Hill would be a quite exhausting hike, but not with Luna Tours! During the scooter ride you’ll get to see the Cave Church, the Liberty Statue, the Citadel, the Garden of the Philosophies and the Villa Wallenberg. Two of the best spas of Budapest are located right next to the Hill: the famous Gellért Spa, and the old Rudas Bath. Besides of being one of the most popular excursion spots in the city, Gellért Hill has always been a sacral place: in the ancient times the Celts and Romans performed different ceremonies here, and according to the legends, in the Middle Aged witches used to gather here to perform their secret rituals. We also recommend you to join our Budapest Sunset & Night tour, and chase the sunset with us across Gellért Hill!

Tunnel luna tours budapest


Those coming from the Pest end had to walk round the Castle Hill on the Buda side to be able to proceed westwards. Four years after the completion of the Chain Bridge, the building of a tunnel leading through the hill was started to the plans of Adam Clark. In 1856, the tunnel was opened for foot traffic, and one year later also for motor traffic. Being 350 metres in length, it leads through under the Buda Castle to the other side of the hill. Its length is approximately identical to that of the Chain Bridge, prompting anecdotes according to which the tunnel has only been built so that in rainy weather, the Chain Bridge can be shoved in and be protected from wet conditions. The entry of the tunnel at its Chain Bridge end was also fittingly designed in classicist style.

The bloody thursday memorial Budapest Luna tours

The Bloody Thursday Memorial

The Memorial commemorates one of the most shocking events of the ’56 Revolution in Hungary: On October 25, now known to Hungarians as Bloody Thursday peaceful protesters congregated at the Parliament Building. To quell the mounting demonstration, Soviet troops and state secret police opened fire on the crowd of several thousand people. Some of the fleeing protesters took shelter behind the façade of the Ministry of Agriculture Building’s colonnade, and as a result, their pursuers fired in their direction, scarring the structure’s exterior in the process. It’s unclear how many died during the massacre at Kossuth Lajos Square—sources vary, citing between 22 and 1000 deaths. Today, dozens of bronze balls, each only slightly smaller than a tennis ball, demarcate where bullet holes from the revolution once riddled the outer wall of the building’s arcade.

Chain bridge budapest Luna tours

Chain Bridge

Enjoy the sunshine and the light breeze as you ride by the first and most beautiful bridge of Budapest, with massive pillars and impressive stone lions. Picture Budapest in your head! What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Of course it’s Chain Bridge! From postcards to movies, the iconic bridge is the most famous sight of the city. Chain Bridge was the first Danube-bridge indeed, but it paved the way for all the others. Right now, there are eight major bridges above the river. It was funded by a Hungarian stateman and polymath, Count István Széchenyi: to this day, the bridge’s official name is Széchenyi Chain Bridge. The bridge is currently awaiting renovation, so make sure you visit it before that starts! Don’t miss the most famous sight of the city: explore the Chain Bridge with Luna Tours and check out the notorious lion statues!

Margaret Island Budapest Luna tours

Margaret Island

Explore every treasure of Margaret Island, the playground of Budapest! The biggest – and also one of the most pleasant – park of the Hungarian capital gives place to several famous sights, tons of fun programs and endless adventures. While the island officially has no permanent residents, locals enjoy spending their freetime here relaxing. Spontaneous picnics are a thing in Margaret island, but the place is also a popular spot for sportlovers. It also gives home for summer events and family programs. The island rivals City Park as the best spot in town for strolling, jogging, biking, and people-watching. Margaret Island is waiting for you with medieval ruins, a mini zoo, flower gardens, a musical fountain and a historic lookout tower. You may easily spend a whole day walking in Margaret island, but if you’re lack of time, crusing around with e-scooters are the best option!

Elizabeth Square Budapest Luna Tours

Elizabeth Square

Elizabeth Square – a.k.a. Erzsébet tér – is a true pearl in the heart of Budapest Downtown. It’s also one of the busiest places in the city being not only a popular meeting point of locals, but a favorite place to discover for tourists too. With plenty of attractions nearby and easy access to public transport, it’s popularity is no wonder. You’ll find several cool bars here, including Fröccsterasz – named after one of the favorite drinks of Hungarians, fröccs. During the summer, the whole place gets into festival vibes: cheerful people are enjoying the refreshing water of the huge pool, having picnics on the grass or gathering around to kickstart the night. If you want to have first-hand experience of the unique vibes of Budapest, Elizabeth square is the place you want to be. Discover it with us, join our scooter tour!

Funicular Budapest Luna Tours


Back then, Budapest’s funicular was the second railway operating in Europe. The funicular had been meticulously reconstructed and rebuilt in a vintage style after being completely destroyed in a bombing raid of the WWII. The Budapest Funicular was admitted to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1987. Currently it runs on a 95-metre route of 50 metres elevation and has two carriages – Gellért and Margit. The Buda Castle Funicular has two stations, one is at the Buda side of Chain Bridge and the upper station is on Buda Castle Hill, between the Royal Palace and Sándor Palace. During your scooter tour you might see it from both ends, as we’ll cruise all around the Buda Castle District. Budapest funicular is something you don’t want to miss, since you are in Hungary. Join our sightseeing tour to make sure that you’ll get to discover this beautiful peace of Hungarian history!

Buda Castle District Budapest Luna Tours

Buda Castle District

Let’s explore the Buda Castle District together! Enjoy the breathtaking view from the top of the Castle Hill, and capture the most stunning pictures of your holiday! Budapest consists of two sides: Buda and Pest. Most of the landmarks are on the Pest side, however, the queen of sights can be found on the Buda Hills – and that one is Castle Hill. The Buda Castle District has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1987. The view from here to the city is the most beautiful you could ever catch in Budapest, as you can look down on the River Danube and basically all of the inner city. Climbing up the hills might be difficult, but not with Luna Tours: cruise around the Buda Castle District with us easily in a comfortable, fun way. We’ll stop at all the main attractions to introduce them to you and also tell you some fun facts about their history. Join us to this unforgettable journey, you surely won’t regret!

Royal Palace Budapest Luna Tours

Royal Palace

The former Royal Palace has been razed and rebuilt at least half a dozen times over the past seven centuries. Béla IV established a royal residence here in the mid-13th century, and subsequent kings added to the complex. Today, the Royal Palace houses the Hungarian National Gallery, the Budapest History Museum, and the National Széchenyi Library. It’s a scenic location. No doubt why it’s been used as a background in many films and videos. E.g. Katy Perry’s music video “Firework” was shot in the courtyard of the Royal Palace. If you are eager to culture, visit the palace’s courtyards during the Wine Festival in September or the Festival of Folk Arts on the 20th of August. Taste a traditional wine or return back home with an artisan souvenir from the festival.

Parliment Budapest Luna tours


People tend to have a love-hate relationship with politicians – there’s no news in that, and that’s also the case in Hungary. However, there is no Hungarian person on this planet who doesn’t just love the Parliament building and its area. And it’s surely a lovely place: the Liberty Square and the banks of the Danube are just some steps away. You can also take beautiful pictures from here! The Hungarian Parliament is the biggest building of Hungary and it’s also one of the most precious – literally. It contains 40 kilograms of gold! The building also has historical value too, as it has bullet marks from the Second World War. Right now only a small portion of the building is being used by the government. Not only the outside, but the Parliament’s inside is beautiful too. If you have the time we recommend visiting it on a guided tour (actually, you can only go inside with guidance). Inside the Parliament, you can take a look at the most famous relic of Hungary, the Holy Crown, which has an astonishing story too. So don’t hesitate, choose Luna Tours and get to know everything about this magnificent building!

St, Stephen Basilica Budapest Luna Tours

St. Stephen Basilica

St. Stephen Basilica is a must-see when you are in Hungary. It’s one of the most iconic landmarks of the capital, and also its whole neighbourhood is among the most popular tourist-destination. Discover all its beauties and learn more about the building itself during our scooter tour! The church is the largest place of worship in the whole countra, altough it’s basically one of the newest ones in the city, as it was only finished in 1905. Since then, the building is a true gem in the heart of the city. Even those who don’t consider themselves religious, cannot resist the beauty of the building. St. Stephen Basilica also holds essential religious relics, including the right hand of Saint Stephen.

Citadel Budapest Luna Tours


Experience what it’s be like standing on top of Budapest! Ride up to Citadel with us, and let yourself be mesmerized of the panoramic view, the endless beauties and the unique atmosphere! You can even spare your energy by riding up instead of walking, so you’ll surely be in the mood the enjoy Citadel. The iconic Hungarian landmark had a diverse role in history: the Nazis used it as an anti-aircraft position during the II. Work War, the Communist regime used it as a military position as well, and later they erected a monument, that would remind the locals of the sacrifice made by the Eastern liberators who freed the city from the German invaders. The Citadel was the symbol of foreign oppression for long time, but after 1990 the building left the dark past behind: nowadays the Citadel is a popular meeting point, one of the best spots to take pictures about Budapest, and the symbol of the hard-earned liberty of Hungary. Citadel is also the best place to be, if you want to catch the most stunning sunset in the city. Join our Budapest Night & Sunset tour and follow our lead chasing the sunset around in Buda Castle Hill!

Panorama of buda Luna tours

Panorama of Buda

You’ve surely seen the panorama of Buda on photos, but trust us, when we say, it’s something you have to see with your own eyes! The tiny, medieval, colourful houses of the old town, the iconic landmarks above each other and the endless green beauties of the Buda Hills – it’s undeniably a must-see in Budapest. The panorama of Buda is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1987 with its whole neighbourhood. And since you are here, you obviously want to discover every little treasure of Buda Castle Hills. Join our sightseeing scooter tours around the Buda Castle District, and get to know these iconic buildings, streets and monuments with local guide!

Chain bridge budapest Luna tours

Panorama of Pest

Catch the most wonderful panorama of Pest on our scooter tour! Buda has always been the royal side of the capital – for a reason! From the Buda Castle District you’ll have splendid panoramic view to the other side of the city. You might think – for obvious reasons – that you’ll need to climb up to the hill for the best panorama of Pest. But forget all the exhausting walks and stairs, ride up with e-scooter and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the UNESCO World Heritage capital from uptown. We’ll also show you where to capture the best photos! We also highly recommend you to join our Budapest Sunset & Night tour, to not only admire the most scenic panorama of Pest, but also chase the sun with us across Buda Hills! From atop the hill you can admire the busy metropolis that lie within reach: matchstick-sized avenues spreading out like a spiderweb, steeples and domes alternating and bridges spanning the crystal blue river. It’s surely a remarkable experience!

Budapest Eye Luna tours

Budapest Eye

Budapest Eye is an iconic landmark of Budapest in itself, but the view from its top is what makes it even more worth to try it out. The 360° full panorama to the whole city will surely be among your favorite memories from your holiday. You might admire all the essential buildings, historical streets and must-see sights from atop the most famous Ferris Will of the country. Its location guarantee that you won’t miss the Budapest Eye, as it stands right in the heart of Budapest Downtown on Elizabeth square.

Castle garden bazar Budapest Luna tours

Castle Garden Bazaar

The original function of this area in the Middle Ages was obviously to protect the castle from attacking enemies. But the military importance of this area changed at the end of the 19th century, when rapid development began on the other side of the Danube with an imposing row of palaces. So correspondingly the idea of creating a representative building complex and an ornamental garden at the base of Castle Hill was born. The Castle Garden Bazaar was constructed in neo-renaissance style based on the plans of Miklós Ybl, who was a well-known and celebrated architect at the time. The recent development of the Castle Garden Bazaar was not just a simple reconstruction with the authentic renovation of the building complex and gardens, but exhibition halls and a multifunctional event hall have also been formed.

Rudas Bath Budapest Luna tours

Rudas Bath

Built in the 1500s while Budapest was under Ottoman rule, the Rudas Baths are a great example of a traditional Turkish Bath House. Many visitors actually prefer Rudas Baths compared to other locals Baths for its more authentic feel. Rudas has a series of pools with different temperatures fed by mineral-rich springs that you rotate between to get the full bath house experience. Rudas Baths are unique in Budapest as they are the only ones open on Friday and Saturday nights. A unique programme is bathing in the panorama pool on the rooftop.

Matthias Church Budapest Luna Tours

Matthias Church

Steps in the northwest corner of the church lead up to the Royal Oratory and the Matthias Church Collection of Ecclesiastical Art (Mátyás-templom Egyházművészeti Gyűteménye), included in the church admission fee, which contains ornate monstrances, reliquaries and chalices, plus replicas of the Crown of St Stephen and other items of the coronation regalia including the coronation throne. Ascending the 200-odd steps of the steeple will bring you to the top of the Panoramic Tower with stunning views of the city. Organ concerts take place in the church on certain evenings continuing a tradition dating from 1867 when Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Coronation Mass was first played here for the coronation of Franz Joseph and Elizabeth, the beloved queen affectionately known as ‘Sissi’.

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