What is this vehicle?

E-scooters are like normal scooters, but they are much cooler, more environmentally friendly and more city friendly as well. We are living in those times, when we have to be very careful and smart about choosing a daily transportation device or something to move around with. In a big city like Budapest, it is essential to have a vehicle that we can use for going around from A to B very fast in the downtown area, and what we can even carry up to our office, when it is needed. Charging it at home and at the workplace is much more convenient than going to the gas station and filling it up with gas all the time – especially these days when prices can go up so fast that we cannot keep track of them.

So how will these vehicles change your life? It’s easy – Not just convenient but also hipster and fun! Who wouldn’t want to have fun every day? We can tell you, once you try this, there is no way back!


Similar to a scooter as we said before, but we will charge it for you, you don’t have to worry about the gas. It’s also similar to a bike, since the vehicle is quiet, it is harmless to the environment and also, you can stand up on it if you wish. We could say it is a two in one, but that is not necessarily true, although it has some similarities with both.


Most scooters have an engine built into the center of the wheel, which is a very compact solution. Power below 250 W is a hobby category, the Luna e-scooters are stronger than that! Engine performance greatly affects the distance you travel, the speed, and the capacity of the battery. If you go uphill with a regular e-scooter, you can often experience that it slows down. The 250 W is perfect for urban use, the 500 W is extremely powerful. The power of off-road scooters can reach up to 1000 W.


Other advantages of the Luna scooters: Basically, larger wheeled scooters are more recommended because they are much safer to run, less susceptible to road errors, and more comfortable. If the scooter is equipped with some simple extras, we can ride it even more comfortably and safely. The advantage of a wheel made of solid rubber is that we do not get a puncture, so your sightseeing won’t be bothered with stopping at a service.


Luna tours is a company that will bring this experience to you and will serve it on a silver plate. We would like the visitors in Budapest to see the city closely, to be able to hop off from the scooters and feel the vibes of the buildings and the atmosphere of the streets as well as they can.


Our tours are especially great for those who are tired of big crowds, public transportation or renting a car, or paying for a taxi. Our tours are about getting on the scooter and riding through the city as fast as you can. (of course, be careful!)


At Luna Tours this is all about experience and freedom, this will help to bring the sightseeing to a whole new level, where you can expand.

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Rent an e-scooter in Budapest for 1-3 hours to discover the city at your own pace!

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Join our sightseeing e-scooter tours to cruise around the city and discover its treasures!