What is sustainability?

Straight out from the dictionary, we get these two definitions: Sustainability, in its broadest sense, refers to the ability to maintain or support a process over time. Sustainability in business and policy refers to the goal of preventing the depletion of natural or physical resources so that they can be used indefinitely.

But sustainability is much more than this. There are so many ways and possible choices how we can save our planet and world around us. We talked about it before, that saving the planet with more careful and environmentally friendly choices can start with small steps, we do not need to think in big actions straight away. Start with small and you will be able to find happiness and the true meaning in the planet saving actions in minutes.

Electric scooters and e-rollers are the first choices of everyone who thinks about sustainable transportation and renewable city commuting.

Of course, there are so many other ways to be sustainable. How to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle? We will explain it to you further and we will bring some examples as well.

You can help to minimize carbon emissions by using less energy, so basically you can just hop on to your e-scooter and ride to work in the morning, go grab some ice cream (of course, don’t eat while you ride!) and you can even have a sightseeing tour on the scooters whenever you like.

You can reduce the amount of meat you consume. It is a healthier choice to eat meatless at least twice a week. Have you ever tried? Try to make use of reusable alternatives. Make the switch to paperless, everything that you possibly can, use it online or digitally. Make use of renewable energy sources. Reuse and recycle.

Growing your own food is a great way to save money, but we know it is not easy within city circumstances. Thankfully many big cities share the idea of shared gardens now and shared planting, so you can rent a small piece of land in the middle of downtown and you can grow your veggies and fruits there. You might visit your tiny garden with an electric scooter in the warm, sunny, summer afternoons to water the plants. Sounds ideal, right?

Donate any objects that are no longer in use. We don’t just think about clothes, but also furniture and old bikes. Change from bike to e-scooter, which is faster, cooler and more space efficient.

How else can we convince you about living more environmentally friendly? Maybe it is your turn now, to ask your family and friends what they do about the planet? It can be a risky topic to some, so make sure you explain the possibilities and all the possible outcomes and choices they might have.

Budapest is offering many sustainable options for commuting, that is why no one can say that they don’t have the possibility to try electric scooters out. The city is full of these vehicles. Go and take a tour around Budapest, use these e-scooters and e-rollers to take your first step towards a better life!

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