The Role of Shared E-Scooter Systems in Urban Sustainability

Being sustainable is something we cannot take for granted these days from everyone. To build a great city that fits the people’s needs, we have to think about sustainable solutions and every little detail we can use to make the city work better and better. With Luna tours, getting around Budapest is not just easy and fun, but also environmentally friendly, and helps to keep our planet at a much safer place than having the car with us every single day. Electric scooters are part of our life now. People have learned how to make life work around them, how to handle them on the streets and how to form a better relationship with its often misunderstood “messiness”.

Shared e-scooter systems were first introduced in 2017 and have since been spreading

around the world as a sustainable mode of transport. Almost all big European cities started using these services and started to let the big e-scooter companies enter the market. The success of this mode and type of transportation is also due to new urban mobility strategies and plans, such as the European Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, which relies on non-pollutant modes. Protecting the air and reducing pollution is everyone’s favor, so we must do it together.

Studies showed that this shared mobility system can help cities with environmental issues, such as reducing air pollution with using less gas and less oil in our cars and trucks. E-scooters can reduce inequality in access to transport, since everyone has the same opportunity to try, use and make it into a habit. They are promoting money-saving, with not having to purchase a car, not having to pay insurance and not having to buy gas in it. Improving mobility resilience is also a great advantage of electric rides. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 shared e-scooters became a great asset in many cities worldwide, because they promote social distancing. People could stay further from each other and could enjoy the city rides and sightseeing without being too close to each other. These scooters help the cities not to rely only on private cars to replace public transport rides, especially for short distance trips. You can just grab any scooter on the corner and take it to work. You don’t have to stress about traffic jams and crazy traffic in the mornings, just grab a Luna and head to see the beautiful Budapest.

It was found that any big city still relies on shared e scooter modes as a mobility option after the pandemic, since people think it is safe and comfortable as well. Promoting special fares for people to start using the service became a big marketing strategy worldwide within the scooter companies. Making people would like to use the services and showing them the advantages make a huge difference when someone is choosing a way of transportation in Budapest.

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