Want to explore Budapest? Scooter rental is the coolest way to do so!

Cruising around the city can be just as fun as exhausting, it’s up to you what to choose. Since you’re in Budapest scooter rental offers you the coolest and most convenient way to explore all the hidden treasures, tiny streets and famous sights on your own.

These cool, fun vehicles are taking you around the city in no time, while you also get to enjoy the speed and a sense of freedom as well. Don’t miss your best chance to explore the city at your own pace!

Get comfy during your trip in Budapest with scooter rental!

You’ll get everything for your scooter rental: helmet, gloves, lock, instructions and even a map. At the pick-up point you’ll also get a short training on how to use the scooters, then you’ll be able to ride them on your own.

Depending on what you want to see in Budapest scooter rental offers vehicles for 1-3 hour renting periods.

If you want to feel the city’s vibes, one hour of riding in Downtown might do the thing, but if you want to really discover its secrets and hidden treasures, we recommend renting a scooter for a longer time.

Planning a stag do in Budapest? Scooter rental will be the ultimate kickoff

For sure you want to find crazy, hilarious programs for the stag to get unforgettable memories together. But since you are in a different country, you better take some time to see the city itself, don’t you? In Budapest scooter rental is the best choice you can make: cruise around the city on two wheels with the pals, and get to explore the must see attractions while having fun together!

Our scooters will save you hours of pointless walking in the city, and you’ll still explore the famous landmarks. Let us make a cool program for you, choose our guided stag do tour! During the private scooter tour you’ll get involved into interactive games, hear scandalous stories about the neighborhood and also get a surprise for the stag. Book your stag do program and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Rent an e-scooter in Budapest for 1-3 hours to discover the city at your own pace!

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Guided Tours

Join our sightseeing e-scooter tours to cruise around the city and discover its treasures!