Eco-friendly ways for sightseeing in Budapest

Eco-friendly sightseeing seems more and more critical in today’s world. As climate change becomes a bigger risk each day, tourists from all over the world cannot afford to not care about the environment. Luckily, most cities offer e-friendly ways for sightseeing, sometimes even with zero-emission. Budapest is also one of these cities, where sustainability became one very serious topic in the last few years.

So we recommend you ditch the diesel-fueled sightseeing buses and the car rentals and try something new on your next visit to Budapest! Here are some ways to get by in the city without harming the environment.

By tram

Budapest is the city of trams. The yellow vehicles strolling down the banks of the Danube are as iconic as the Lánchíd or as the Parliament Building. It is an easy and very local-like way to get around. Public transport is relatively cheap in Budapest and trams usually stop at all the major sights. They are easily accessible and mostly comfortable.

But trams also have some cons to it: they can only go on a limited range, without entering those lovely small streets that make Budapest so wonderful; and also, you cannot go up to the hills of Buda with them. We also have to talk about the bad side of public transport: sometimes there are pickpockets who target mostly inattentive tourists.

On foot

The most ancient and well-known way to get to know a city is to… walk. We admit it’s an easy and thorough way for sightseeing if you want to visit all the sights profoundly. Budapest is the perfect city to walk through as its downtown is not that big. However, it might take a lot of time and you might want to divide the sightseeing to separate days as it can get very tiring. If you don’t want to spend so much time walking around, we recommend something else!

Taking the subway

The Budapest metro-lines are safe, clean, and quick! They reach all the important sights downtown but also they usually have stops in the more suburban areas, so if you are located there, this is the easiest way to reach the inner city. But also, we must say it has its downfalls: mainly that the subway goes under the town, so you don’t get to see much while commuting!

With e-scooters

E-scooters and e-mobility is the new craze in Europe and also in Budapest. You can see people riding e-scooters all around as it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to get around with zero-emission. Right now, the only company that offers sightseeing with e-rollers is Luna Tours. You can rent scooters from them but you can also join one of their guided tours. They take you through all the important sights and landmarks and show you around in a fun and exciting way.

E-scooters make it easy to travel around Budapest and you can also leave them on the streets with locks for a short period of time if you want to discover a place on foot. No need to worry about parking in a crowded place or about heavy traffic. It doesn’t require a driving license either!

So what are you waiting for? Make conscious choices while traveling and choose an eco-friendly way for your sightseeing!

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Rent an e-scooter in Budapest for 1-3 hours to discover the city at your own pace!

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