Discover Budapest by E-Scooter!

Explore the stunning streets of Budapest at your own pace or as a private guided tour. Glide through the exciting and historical landmarks with our unique vehicle and live the astonishing experience by Luna Tours Budapest.

It isn’t just a RIDE. Our mission is to deliver a thrilling urban experience and an unforgettable encounter! E-roller rental in Budapest has never been easier!

Explore Budapest in the most convenient and efficient way you could imagine.

On this E-Scooter Tour you will uncover Hungarian neighbourhoods and their hidden gems of extraordinary street art pieces and cosy cafes with one of our local guides.

This tour will take you from interesting places outside of the city centre, through very hippy districts along incredible architecture, pass by the old parts of the city and enjoy the Budapest charme.

You will have the chance to end your E-Scooter ride at a location of your desire! These funky and amazing E-Scooters are the secret to make the best out of your Budapest visit.

What are the advantages to riding on an e-roller instead of taking the public transport or going on a walking tour?

Advantages of the electric scooter tour – E-bike rental vs Walking tours

Fuel savings: One of the significant advantages of the electric scooter is substantial for the pocket of the final consumer: the considerable savings in gasoline, you can enjoy your time in Budapest, while also saving the environment.

Freedom: Get from Point A to Point B fast, no more waiting for the bus, waiting for the taxi. Simply book the tour, hop on your scooter and you are ready to go.

Ecology and respect for the environment: Every time we use an electric scooter, we are contributing our bit to that ecological spirit that should be present in our daily lives.

Lower maintenance cost among many other differences with gasoline engines: The electric motor does not need to spend time or money on maintenance tasks such as oil changes, filters, etc.

Lower acoustic impact: Although some detractors of the electric scooter wield the argument that “it does not make noise” we have to keep in mind that noise pollution is one of the severe problems of the current urban society. It has been shown that street noise reduces between 30% and 40% the productivity of people working in the environment. However, the constant noise suffered by the motorcyclist affects his concentration on the road over time and to their levels of stress, anxiety, and aggression. Electric scooter, on the other hand, are less noisy.

These are all very important factors that you need to consider, when choosing a type of transportation, or when choosing things to spend your money on. We only have one Earth, so let’s take care of it together. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the options that companies are offering to us, especially to tourists, so being aware of the causes we can save our home from can make major differences in our future and in the future generation’s life.

Choose the Luna Tours e-scooter rental, get on your e-bike and explore Budapest in the beautiful Hungarian summer on one of our scooter tours!

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