Experience what it’s be like standing on top of Budapest! Ride up to Citadel with us, and let yourself be mesmerized of the panoramic view, the endless beauties and the unique atmosphere! You can even spare your energy by riding up instead of walking, so you’ll surely be in the mood the enjoy Citadel.

The iconic Hungarian landmark had a diverse role in history: the Nazis used it as an anti-aircraft position during the II. Work War, the Communist regime used it as a military position as well, and later they erected a monument, that would remind the locals of the sacrifice made by the Eastern liberators who freed the city from the German invaders. The Citadel was the symbol of foreign oppression for long time, but after 1990 the building left the dark past behind: nowadays the Citadel is a popular meeting point, one of the best spots to take pictures about Budapest, and the symbol of the hard-earned liberty of Hungary.

Citadel is also the best place to be, if you want to catch the most stunning sunset in the city. Join our Budapest Night & Sunset tour and follow our lead chasing the sunset around in Buda Castle Hill!

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