About us

We are on a mission… to deliver unforgettable sightseeing experience by discovering Budapest on a unique e-Scooters. to offer easy and safe to use, yet eco friendly vehicles. to help you discover all interesting facts and hidden gems about Budapest rather than a “tick off list” to deliver a thrilling urban experience and an unforgettable encounter

If you’re seeking an alternative sightseeing experience of Budapest then look no further than this e-Scooter rental package—a fun-filled way to explore the capital city of Hungary. Without having to wait for a group or follow a structured sightseeing itinerary, you’ll zoom between attractions and choose from three dierent durations. Plus, all equipment and a booklet featuring discounted food and drinks are included.

Our Team

Tóth Balázs


Zsigmond Ágnes

Account Manager

Szentiványi Enikő

Guide Line Manager

Tóth András

Operations Manager

Alaeddine Oussai

Street Sales Supervisor

Kóródy Klaudia

Guide Line Supervisor

Abbas Syed Ailya

Street Sales Assistant

About our e-Scooters

Luna Bike E-Scooter E-Bike side view

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