Why choose us?

The easiest and most convenient way to get to know Budapest is to go by e-Scooter! No need to worry about long and tiring walks or boring bus trips - choose Luna tours and get to know the city inside and out in an unusual, but safe way! Our sightseeings are thorough without unnecessary time-wasting. Just some benefits:

  • no driver’s license needed
  • no need to walk around the city for hours pointlessly
  • you choose your own pace - go fast or as slow as you like
  • see more sights in a shorter amount of time
  • way more exciting than a sightseeing bus
  • our e-Scooters cause no harm in the environment
  • makes it easier to enter small streets

About our e-Scooters

Tours / Prices

You can book an e-Scooter or a Tour with a guide, who will tell everything about Budapest.

E-Scooter Rental

  • Duration: 1 hour


  • Duration: 2 hour


  • Duration: 3 hour


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Guided Tours


Equipments we provide to every rental & guided tour.

Our address

1052. Budapest, Március 15. tér 1

A 5 min walk from Erzsébet Tér
A 2 min walk from Ferenciek Tere


What is sustainability?

Straight out from the dictionary, we get these two definitions: Sustainability, in its broadest sense, refers to the ability to maintain or support a process over time.

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What is this vehicle?

E-scooters are like normal scooters, but they are much cooler, more environmentally friendly and more city friendly as well.

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Grab a brunch in Budapest!

Budapest is the capital of baths, capital of good food, like goulash and chimney cake and also the capital of brunch.

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