Early Bird Discount: 1 hour renting

One hour scooter ride in the morning on discounted price

1 hour

16 € /

Early Bird Discount: 1 hour renting

1 hour

16 € /

The early bird catches the worm… and also an electric scooter for an hour on discounted price! Avoid the crowd and enjoy the city like it’s all yours. Scooter renting for discounted price in the morning!

Roll around the city on two wheels, and see all the famous landmarks without getting stuck in traffic jam. Budapest is full of wonderful sights and spots, but scooter renting just makes the experience even better! A one-hour ride is just enough the cruise around Downtown, explore the Buda District or reach the must see landmarks.


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Rent an e-scooter in Budapest for 1-3 hours to discover the city at your own pace!

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Join our sightseeing e-scooter tours to cruise around the city and discover its treasures!