Essential Pest free walking tour

Essential Pest free walking tour

Duration: 2 hour

Price: 0 €/person

Departure: Behind the Saint Stephen's Basilica, on its right

FEEL THE CITY with our free walking tour! We guide you through the downtown, giving you a chance to feel like a local. The magnificent building of the Parliament, riverbank views, and Basilica are truly remarkable. We guarantee not only knowledgeable guides but also entertaining stories.
Let’s discover the city of Pest together!

Sights visited on our tour:


People tend to have a love-hate relationship with politicians - there’s no news in that, and that’s also the case in Hungary. However, there is no Hungarian person on this planet who doesn’t just love the Parliament building and its area. And it’s surely a lovely place: the Liberty Square and the banks of the Danube are just some steps away. You can also take beautiful pictures from here! The Hungarian Parliament is the biggest building of Hungary and it’s also one of the most precious - literally. It contains 40 kilograms of gold! The building also has historical value too, as it has bullet marks from the Second World War. Right now only a small portion of the building is being used by the government. Not only the outside, but the Parliament’s inside is beautiful too. If you have the time we recommend visiting it on a guided tour (actually, you can only go inside with guidance). Inside the Parliament, you can take a look at the most famous relic of Hungary, the Holy Crown, which has an astonishing story too. So don’t hesitate, choose Luna Tours and get to know everything about this magnificent building!

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Panorama of Buda

Although the photos of the Buda panorama are stunning, they don't do justice. It's much better in reality. You have to see it with your own eyes. The tiny, medieval, colourful houses of the old town of Buda tower above each other on the slopes of Castle Hill, which is crowned with Matthias Church surrounded by the Fisherman's Bastion. Having been part of UNESCO World Heritage since 1987, it's undeniably a must-see in Budapest.

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Budapest Eye

The giant wheel is located on Erzsébet Square, in the very heart of Budapest. You may spot it from far away, since it's higher than the surrounding buildings. With its 65-metre height the Budapest Eye is the largest ferris wheel in the EU. From the top you can easily locate almost all the famous sights of Budapest, such as the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Hungarian Parliament or the UNESCO World Heritage Site Andrássy Avenue. So if you are up to some spectacular view of the Hungarian capital and not afraid of height, you should definitely take a ride on this giant machine in its partially open cabins after your Luna ride. (TIP: If you’re scared of height just lie down on the grass and watch the huge steel and plexi construction slowly go round. The view is even more spectacular at night with the city lights on.)

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Elizabeth Square

Elizabeth Square (Erzsébet tér in Hungarian) sits in central Pest, right in the heart of downtown Budapest. With plenty of attractions nearby, and easy access to public transit, it's one of the busiest places in the city. At the central building once used as Budapest’s main bus station, you’ll find a couple of bars and restaurants, including the Fröccsterasz, named after Hungary’s popular summer spritzer (fröccs). The other half of Erzsébet tér is mainly filled with the large water feature and the stepped terrace of the prominent Akvárium Klub. Crowds gather outside in summer, either waited on at terrace tables or just hanging around at the water’s edge or sit in the grass to chat, picnic, read a book and get ready for the party.

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Budapest Basilica

The church is basically one of the newest ones in the city, as it was built for nearly a hundred years and only got finished in 1905. Since then, the building is a true gem in the heart of the city. Even those who don’t consider themselves religious, cannot resist the beauty of the building. The church also holds very important religious relics, including the right hand of Saint Stephen. On the day of the Hungarian Foundation (20th of August), the relic is carried around after the mass.

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Chain Bridge

Enjoy the sunshine and the light breeze as you ride by the first and most beautiful bridge of Budapest, with massive pillars and impressive stone lions. Picture Budapest in your head! What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Of course it’s Chain Bridge! From postcards to movies, the iconic bridge is the most famous sight of the city. Chain Bridge was the first Danube-bridge indeed, but it paved the way for all the others. Right now, there are eight major bridges above the river. It was funded by a Hungarian stateman and polymath, Count István Széchenyi: to this day, the bridge’s official name is Széchenyi Chain Bridge. The bridge is currently awaiting renovation, so make sure you visit it before that starts! Don’t miss the most famous sight of the city: explore the Chain Bridge with Luna Tours and check out the notorious lion statues!

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