Grab a bunch in Budapest!

Budapest is the capital of baths, capital of good food, like goulash and chimney cake and also the capital of brunch. You can find so many brunch places here that you will have to squeeze one brunch spot to each day of your holiday.

These places are easily accessible, most of them are in the city center, so you can take a nice walk here or hop on an electric scooter, and it will only take you a few seconds to park next to the entrance and grab your lunch, or more like your brunch.

Going on a tour with an e-scooter or having your own vehicle is almost the same, but like many things in life, brunch is one of those that are better spent in company. Brunching alone can be an option as well of course, based on your preferences, but having your friends around is priceless. Cruising around in one of the most beautiful places in Europe and having a nice pit stop with some food included is amazing.

The summer is coming, and that only means one thing: Budapest is opening up, the brunch spots are returning from their winter holiday and the best food is ready to be served for you. After a long day, or a long night in the city, a good lunch is the solution.

Breakfast in Hungary is typically large and filling, with both sweet and savory options on the table. Sandwiches, breads, cheese spreads, cold meats, jams, pastries and more can all be enjoyed first thing in the morning. The most famous brunch spots in the city have a huge selection of each of these above mentioned yumminess.

Breakfast is an important meal if you are in Budapest, because you will need the energy to explore this beautiful city, but no worries – you’ll find plenty of cafés serving up some good options. A pastry costs about $1. A bigger breakfast will run about $4-$5. You can also find plenty of budget-friendly options at the bakery or grocery store.

Some of our favorites:

Franziska, which is located in Buda. They only focused on sugar- and allergen-free foods at first, but later they’ve made their concept more diverse, emphasizing their modern traits and internationally inspired cuisine.

Stika is for those who have their AirBnb on Pest. The place has been operating as a reliable breakfast center in Budapest’s party district since 2014. The venue, led by two constantly elegant baristas, would be a great addition to any cosmopolitan city in Europe.

The third best choice on the list is Törökméz. This brunch place always has a great range of options in the morning: apart from serious hot dishes, we can also ask for a simple eggs-with-something, a burrito or a full English, as well as vegan French toast, green shakshuka and a variety of sandwiches.

Get the brunching experience to the next level in Budapest and connect your morning getaway in the city with some scooter rides, nice food and drinks!

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