Advantages of an e-scooter

What are the advantages of an electric scooter? We talked a lot about environmental issues and different opinions on e-scooters, but now it is time to figure out what are the positive things about them, if you own one.

Is it worth getting one? Why should I get an e-scooter?

E-scooters are one of the fastest-growing solutions to our daily transport challenges, and so many people are interested in ‘going green’ and reducing their carbon footprint but aren’t sure if there are enough benefits to justify buying one.

We’re here to tell you: there are plenty!

First of all, they’re good for the environment

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit of all – e-bikes are a clean and efficient way to travel, helping to save the environment we live in. With traditional fuel-powered car use still on the rise globally, making a conscious decision to switch to electric scooters where possible is a smart choice for now and the future.

They keep you active

Another great reason to use an electric scooter is that they can keep you fit and healthy – and fit and healthy also equals happy.

They make hills easy

Especially in Budapest it is a very important factor that our scooters can ride uphill as well.

One of the bugbears of cycling is the need to ride up hills. If you’re someone who just wants to enjoy their cycling without worrying about hills, then an e-bike or e-scooter is the answer.

You can ride faster, which means you can enjoy more of the city

Thanks to the assistance the motor can provide, an e-bike can help you ride faster than a non-electric bike. Although e-bikes are limited to 25km/h with the assistance of the motor, it’s the repeated accelerations under that speed that often costs the most effort.

They make your commute faster and better

Especially being a tourist in a foreign country can give you difficulties sometimes. It is not easy to get to know a place, recognize the streets and know the map by memory. This is when it comes handy that you have a phone holder on the e-scooter.

E-bikes are great tools for an eco-friendly, healthy commute. In many circumstances, they can even make that commute more efficient than it would be otherwise.

Take someone who commutes by car: think of all the times they’re sat in traffic, plus the cost of the mileage and the stresses of parking.

You don’t want that, especially not on a holiday, where every minute counts. You have to get from A to B within minutes, so you make the most out of your trip. This needs efficiency and a good vehicle.

This is what we do at Luna Tours as well. We choose the most comfortable and most eco-friendly way of commuting, to show you the city in a short trip, but not that short that you have to miss out on anything. Fast, so we can include as many things as possible, and beautiful, because it is taking place in Budapest.

Get on your scooter and be a part of our Luna Tours squad!

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